3 Reasons To Invest Into Your Business Security

Just last year more than 160 businesses left the City of Seattle due to crime, theft and violence. When it comes to physically securing their company, many business owners take the approach of ignoring the topic and hope it will never be an issue. But the fact is that small businesses are four times more likely to be victimized than residential homes.

There are different reasons why business owners don’t invest into their business security. Included are: the threat of criminal activity might feel abstract or somewhere in the distance. The concerned that installing and maintaining a security system or a fence might not be worth the ROI. Others are just too preoccupied with running a business to give the question of security any real quality attention.

Whatever the reason for a business to avoid the topic of security, it’s simply not wise to leave your hard worked business unsecured. Investing into security is truly essential, for several reasons, which we’ll outline below along with some preventive fence options that we know work.

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Deter Criminal

The first and best reason of the 3 to invest into your business security is to keep criminals out is to deter them from ever entering. Research shows that the certainty of being caught is a vastly more effective detergent than the punishment itself. Therefore when a criminal’s perception of the certainty of being caught strengthens so does the deterring effect. When a business has no fence, security system, open doors, or windows, it’s an open invite to crime. 

Being in the fence business we found that getting a barbed wire fence is a popular choice for making any area secure. By its looks alone intimidate and drive away potential intruders. 

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But security does not have to look ugly, as there is another more elegant option for deterring criminals. The anti-Climb fence uses a curved design that curves back toward the side of the fence that the climber is on. When a climber reaches the curved part, their feet no longer have any support, making further climbing virtually impossible. A wire mesh frame also positioned at the top of the fence makes it impossible to grip with your hands. This design is simple, inexpensive, but very effective at deterring climbers and providing a secure perimeter for any facility.

Protect your Business Assets

The second reason of the 3 for investing into your business security is even if your company is insured, losing assets often trickles down to more than just the assets themselves being recovered. The damage to the company’s reputation due to missed deadlines, headaches and time dealing with insurances, and the wait time to acquire replacement assets will drastically pull down a business in the long run.

Save money on Insurance Premiums

The third reason for investing into your business security is that it can help to lower your business insurance premiums by immediately decreasing the amount of vandalism or burglary claims submitted. As with most insurance claim situations, it is the unseen cost that is best understood versus experienced. Fences are a great protection in cases that could prevent business liability.

Although if you do install a fence, be sure to take pictures of it. Your insurance company might want to see proof that you have a reliable fence in place before lowering your premium.

With all said, you will need to invest money to install a security fence. However, you’ll easily make up that expense as you prevent theft, having unwanted visitors walking around your assets without your consent, and save on your business insurance premiums

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