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A Fence add-on option improve and upgrade the support, durability, longevity, looks of your fence, as well as how to better accommodate and protect your cherished pets.  

Anti-Dig Option

Anti Digging - Commercial & ResidentialAdd-On options
Commercial & Residential Anti Dig Add-On Option

– We use 2×6 pressure-treated boards: 5,5 inches wide, 2 inches in a ground, nailed to posts. Then a dog would see no light there and stop digging. 

***If the dog is digging 2ft deep or more, this will not help and there is nothing we can do in that case.***

Our customers are very happy with this add-on option.

Starting Price - additional $7 per linear foot

Gate Arbor

Gate Arbor Add-On Option Image
Commercial & Residential Gate Arbor Add-On Option Image

– Provides additional support for the Gate posts, which protects from sag.
– Increases the appeal of the gate.

Starting Price - $350/gate

Stainless Steel Turnbuckle

Commercial & Residential Fences Add-On Option
Commercial & Residential Turnbuckle Add-On Option Image

– Turnbuckle allows for a gate adjustment right on the spot if sagging ever occurs.

– Over time the cedar gate absorbs water, becomes heavy, pulls on the post and jams the gate.

Sagging gate example
Gate sagging example
Gate sag without Turnbuckle
Sagging Gate Example

Starting Price - $150/gate

Board on Board Option

Board on Board Add-On Option Kirkland

– Absolute privacy as the boards cover all the gaps
– Sturdier fence
***Option available only for cedar fences***

Starting Price - Additional 10/LF


Post on Pipe Add-On Option
Post on Pipe - Add-On Option - Kirkland - Bothell - Tukwila

-Our Post On Pipe Fence add-on option allows you to enjoy the natural beauty and texture of wood without fear of post deterioration from insects, rot or the passage of time. 

-With post on pipe – 10 year warranty for the cedar post on pipe and 3 year warranty for pressure treated post on pipe vs 1 year warranty for standard pressure treated post. With post on pipe the wooden post is above ground 2-3 inches so it won’t rot. With post on pipe posts you are investing for the future and peace of mind.

-Each cedar post is smooth and cut to a 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch dimension. Then it is mounted on a JS/8 OD Schedule 40 pipe. the same pipe that is used underground to carry water. Finally. the cedar post and pipe are connected using a heavy-duty carriage bolt. This provides excellent stability and yet allows for easy replacement in the event of accidental damage.

Cities We Service

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