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Inline Fence is now Cool Cat Fence!

Same excellence, fresh new name. To read more about our rebranding journey, click here.

Explore more on this website or hop over to our new home at

Same excellence, fresh new name. To read more about our rebranding journey, click here.

Explore more on this website or hop over to our new home at

Residential & Commercial Fences in Burien WA

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Paula TPaula T
00:11 08 Jan 24
Rick ArnoldRick Arnold
22:16 03 Jan 24
So pleased! Eduard was knowledgeable and a pleasure to plan with. Kenny and the team were careful with our plants and did the fabulous job. They were even willing to make changes on the fly. Couldn't be happier.
Sugeet TejiSugeet Teji
23:09 22 Dec 23
Jose did an excellent job on our rental property. He finished the entire job in one day and our fence looks phenomenal. Teddy was very accommodating and friendly to work with.They are a dream team and kudos to them. They both get 10/10 (excellent service).
Cliff FreedCliff Freed
22:18 22 Dec 23
Jeremy JosephJeremy Joseph
00:18 22 Dec 23
Davyd and his helper were great! On time everyday, and worked hard to get the job done. Looks amazing!
Tanya YurovskyTanya Yurovsky
00:57 20 Dec 23
This is our 3rd project using InLine Fence - they are simply fabulous! The skills and diligence of staff were amazing and communication throughout the project was superb. The quality of the work exceeded our expectations. Will definitely hire them again.
Selena HarringtonSelena Harrington
02:02 09 Dec 23
I had a great experience with Inline Fence. Jesus, who provided the estimate, was very good at communications and scoping the project. He responded well to many queries and also potential changes we considered while putting up the fence. The foreman, Ruslan, and his crew did a great job on the fence! Excellent craftsmanship to put up our horizontal fence style. The concrete posts were done really well. And they worked really fast!
Sandy LawsonSandy Lawson
01:30 18 Nov 23
We needed a small but tricky job done. Jesus came out for the estimate and explained my options. He was very helpful and responsive as we waited for our custom order to be prepared. José installed the fence and did a great job. We’re very pleased with the work and are so happy to have our yard fully enclosed!
Lyn CalvinLyn Calvin
01:23 04 Oct 23
The Inline Fence crew and their lead foreman, Danny, were quick and efficient - a testament to their level of experience and knowledge of their craft.The sales rep, Teddy, was patient and highly responsive - all updates and changes were addressed promptly and without issue.They aim to please the customer and for that I am grateful!Most reasonable pricing, as fence installers charge less then general contractors charge.Lyn
Meg MarshallMeg Marshall
18:09 24 Jul 23
We are so incredibly happy with the final product from Inline. I saw their positive yelp reviews and they were recommended in a local Mom group, so I gave it a go. Very responsive and great to work with on the estimate, Andres seemed truly invested in making this the best setup for the space and was helpful in explaining everything along the way. The crew that came out to build worked so hard and were so kind when my daughter wanted to come say hi :) if you are considering working with them, just do it, you won’t regret it.

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Residential & Commercial Fencing in Burien WA

Are you in need of a reliable residential or commercial fence company in Burien, Washington? Rely on Inline-Fence, where customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, and we provide comprehensive solutions for security, safety, and all your fencing needs. With a proven track record spanning over 8 years in Residential & Commercial Fences in Burien WA, we have built a reputation for exceptional excellence, transparency, top-notch workmanship, and unwavering integrity throughout Washington State. Our genuine user reviews and high-quality products underscore our dedication, having assisted numerous property owners in Burien and its surrounding areas.

Specializing in both residential and commercial fences, we prioritize an outstanding customer experience and top-tier craftsmanship, aiming to create a legacy of contented customers. As your local fence company, we stress effective communication for every transaction and use the finest quality materials. Opting for Inline-Fence ensures that your fences will not only look outstanding but also remain durable, with the job done right the first time.

For a complimentary estimate from your trusted local fence company in Burien, complete our quote form or contact us at (206) 737-1724. Schedule an appointment today to receive a quote from Inline Fence!

Wooden Fences in Burien WA

cedar fence

When it comes to our wooden fences in Burien, Inline strongly recommends and employs cedar as the preferred material, and we aim to clarify the reasons for our preference to our esteemed customers. Western Red Cedar stands out as one of the most globally durable woods, showcasing inherent resistance to warping, decay, and insect damage, making it an ideal choice. Remarkably, even a century after the tree has fallen, it maintains its resistance to rot. Inline-Fence offers a variety of cedar wood grade options, ranging from smooth clear cedar to rough clear cedar, covering grades 1 through 3. Regardless of the grade selected for your wooden fence, Inline Fence ensures a seamless and exceptional installation, resulting in an authentic masterpiece. Reach out to us today via phone or through our free quote form, and your local fence company is prepared to assist you.

Post On Pipe in Burien WA

In Burien, where heightened humidity expedites the decay of wooden fences, Inline Fence addresses this challenge with our innovative Fence Builder Post on Pipe solution. Diverging from traditional methods, our progressive approach ensures that only the pipe makes contact with ground moisture, minimizing issues like rot and post-bending caused by intense heat. We guarantee that this technologically advanced option will significantly extend your fence’s lifespan. Our in-house-crafted posts-on-pipes, meticulously manufactured using specialized machinery, adhere to the highest standards of quality and durability. Inline Fence has positioned itself as the foremost authority in this cutting-edge fence option. If you’re considering this enhancement for your residential or commercial fence, don’t hesitate to complete our free quote form or contact us directly.

Post on Pipe Benefits

Chain Link in Burien WA

Opt for Chain Link Fences in Burien for versatile applications in both residential and commercial settings. Our fencing solutions provide durability and demand minimal maintenance, presenting a variety of vinyl-coated colors (green, black, and brown) and the choice for enhanced privacy with PVC slats. Contact us today via phone or by completing our free quote form for a secure and enduring choice that guarantees peace of mind in safeguarding your home or business. Protect your property with a chain link fence today!

Commercial Chain Link

Hog Wire Fence in Burien WA

Hog wire fence

Discover the sophistication of the Hi-Five Fence (Hog Wire Fence), an elegant solution for enclosing your Burien property while preserving scenic views. This fence consists of wired panels enveloped in our pristine cedar wood on all sides, serving as both an animal barrier and a visually pleasing addition to your property. Originally crafted for farm applications, the robust wire panels are hot-dipped galvanized for durability in challenging conditions, making them well-suited for gardens, wooded areas, open views, and craftsman-style architecture. Embrace the versatility of this fence, increasingly favored by urban residents, by exploring our portfolio and completing our quote form for a customized installation tailored to your fencing requirements.

Horizontal Fence in Burien WA

The enduring charm of the Horizontal Fence continues to be a perennial favorite that surpasses fleeting trends. Its visually pleasing aesthetics enhance any landscape, be it traditional or contemporary, making it a preferred choice. Constructing an exceptional horizontal fence requires the use of top-tier materials, and at Inline-Fence, we guarantee the utilization of the finest boards for a uniformly even gap. Become part of the numerous satisfied clients in Burien WA, who have selected Inline-Fence for their horizontal fencing needs. Engage with your local fence experts – that’s us!

Horizontal Fence

Vinyl Fence in Burien WA

Commercial Residential Vinyl Fence

Choose a Vinyl Fence, a robust and long-lasting option in Burien, WA, tailored to meet your privacy needs. Crafted from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), this plastic fence showcases exceptional impact strength, resilience, and weather resistance, offering a low-maintenance alternative to wood or metal. Unlike wood, it remains impervious to warping, rotting, splitting, blistering, or weathering, and unlike aluminum, it avoids rust, chipping, peeling, or corroding. Revel in the extended lifespan of this fence without the requirement for sanding, staining, or painting. Get in touch with us or fill out our complimentary quote form today!

Ornamental Iron Fence in Burien WA

Choose the Ornamental Iron Fence in Burien, WA, to strike an optimal balance between security and sophistication for your residential or commercial property. This fence requires virtually maintenance-free care, serving as an excellent alternative to its wooden counterparts while ensuring robust security and resistance to bending or breaking. Enduring extreme weather conditions, it provides both peace of mind and an elegant appearance. Notably, ornamental iron proves cost-effective compared to wrought iron, resulting in savings for customers. Enjoy the benefits of a low-maintenance, durable, weather-resistant, and stylish fencing solution, regardless of your land’s topography. Reach out to us or fill out our free quote form for Residential & Commercial Fences in Burien WA today!

Ornamental Iron Fence

Custom Fence in Burien WA

Amazing Fence Custom

Customize your residential & commercial fences in Burien WA with Inline-Fence, renowned experts in both standard and personalized fencing solutions. Our proficient team has established an outstanding reputation in Burien and Greater Seattle for crafting tailored fences that seamlessly enhance your landscape, home, and neighborhood. Explore our website for inspiration and discover the artistic masterpieces we bring to life.

Inline-Fence consistently garners exceptional customer satisfaction reviews in Burien and throughout Washington state, prioritizing your experience from the initial contact to the final installation. As your trusted local fence company, we ensure a 5+ star experience, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction with a job well done.

Whether you’re in search of a cedar wooden fence, chain link fence, iron fence, vinyl fence, or any other residential or commercial fencing solution in Burien, WA, we have you covered. Connect with the premier fence contractor company by giving us a call or completing our free quote form. Choose your fence style today, submit the form, and witness your fence project seamlessly and swiftly come to life.

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Inline Fence, which has been serving residential and commercial customers in the Seattle-Tacoma area since 2016, is going through a rebrand!

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