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Post on Pipe

Post on Pipe Benefits

Due to the soggy environment in the Pacific Northwest we recommend post on pipe technology for long lasting fences. As per our experience we notice that current standard pressure treated posts don’t last as long especially when post comes into contact with soil. Therefore when it rains cedar fences absorb water and become heavy. Then when in contact with heavy winds some posts tend to snap at the bottom where it was in contact with the soil and therefore rotted over time.

With this amazing solution though we offer an upgrade to a minimum 10 year warranty for the posts. As for the standard pressure treated it is only a 3 year warranty. In this new pipe solution, the wooden post is 2-3 inches above the ground. The galvanized pipe (on which the post is installed) goes into the ground about 2 ft deep and concreted in. There for the wooden part of the post does not come in contact with the soil. With post on pipe posts you are investing for the future and peace of mind. This solution is available with both treated and natural clear cedar posts. We recommend getting post solution that doubles the life span of your fence. 

We offer two types of post on pipe posts:

Pressure Treated Post on Pipe

Pressure Treated

Pressure Treated Version – The big difference is we use jumbo pressure treated posts (actual size 4 1/8 x 4 1/8 in diameter). This is a very solid choice and more economical price wise than the Clear Cedar posts version. On this option the post and the pipe are connected under ultra tight pressure with no bolts. 

Clear Cedar Posts

Cedar Wood

Cedar Version – The big difference is we use natural clear Cedar posts (actual size 3.5 x 3.5 in diameter). It’s 100% natural Clear Cedar wood no treatment added. In this option we include a carriage bolt that securely connects the post and the pipe. 

Post on Pipe Add-On Option

-This solution allows you to enjoy the natural beauty and texture of wood without fear of post deterioration from insects, rot or the passage of time. 

-The cedar post and pipes on the clear cedar option are connected using a heavy-duty carriage bolt. This provides excellent stability and yet allows for easy replacement in the event of accidental damage. 

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