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Inline Fence is now
Cool Cat Fence!

Inline Fence is now Cool Cat Fence!

Same excellence, fresh new name. To read more about our rebranding journey, click here.

Explore more on this website or hop over to our new home at

Same excellence, fresh new name. To read more about our rebranding journey, click here.

Explore more on this website or hop over to our new home at

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Fence Pricing Guide

Fence Pricing Guide

Fence Pricing Guide

Fence Pricing Guide

Explore our guide on fence prices, featuring concise descriptions of different fence types and project examples with associated costs.

Our Fence Specialties

Inline Fence is a company that specializes in constructing residential and commercial fences of various types, including cedar, ornamental iron, chain link, and vinyl. As one of the highest customer rated fencing contractors we will efficiently meet all your fencing needs. 

Our primary goal is to consistently provide an exceptional customer experience. Beginning with the initial phone call and ending with a final walkthrough of the finished product. Our friendly and professional builders will ensure that getting a fence has never been easier. Inline Fence is committed to providing an excellent customer experience.


Unveiling Our Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, an end-to-end project with Inline Fence is completed within one to two weeks. The fence installation process itself usually spans 2-3 days per project, varying depending on the size and complexity of the job.

At Inline Fence, we utilize stainless steel nails for construction. These nails are chosen specifically for their resistance to rust, ensuring the longevity and aesthetics of your fence.

Absolutely. Inline Fence provides a comprehensive warranty package, including a 3-year limited warranty for materials and craftsmanship. Additionally, we offer an extended 10-year limited warranty for chain link fabric and cedar posts on steel pipe. For detailed information, please visit our warranty page.

Yes, Inline Fence does not install fences in wetlands or swampy areas. This policy ensures that we maintain our commitment to quality and compliance while respecting environmental regulations and protecting delicate ecosystems.

At Inline Fence, we prioritize quality over everything else. We exclusively source our materials from specialized fence material suppliers known for their premium-grade products, guaranteeing durability, reliability, and longevity for your fence.

Yes, Inline Fence offers financing options that surpass traditional bank offerings. With our plans, you can enjoy 12 months of deferred zero interest, making it easier and more affordable to invest in your property’s fencing needs.

At Inline Fence, we maintain full control over the quality of our work by employing our own dedicated team of skilled professionals. We adhere to a strict company policy of only hiring employees, allowing us to uphold the highest standards of quality through internal guidelines and standards.

The innovative Post on Pipe technology employed by Inline Fence ensures superior durability and longevity for your fence. By elevating wooden posts 2-3 inches above the ground, they are shielded from soil moisture, reducing the risk of rot and decay. This advanced approach enables us to provide an extended 10-year warranty compared to the standard 3-year warranty for fences using pressure-treated posts.

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Fence Pricing Guide

Fence Pricing Guide

Get your Fence

Just $90/Month

Get your Fence

Just $90/Month

Fence Pricing Guide

Fence Pricing Guide

The cat is out of the bag!

Inline Fence, which has been serving residential and commercial customers in the Seattle-Tacoma area since 2016, is going through a rebrand!

Under this new name, residential customers will experience the same great service and quality installations that Inline Fence is known for.