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Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link is a great choice for residential or commercial if you are looking to meet your fence needs with durable and no maintenance option.  It comes with different Vinyl coated colors (Green, Black, and brown colors).  There is an option to increase privacy with adding PVC slats.  Galvanized option is the most economical but not a popular choice by homeowners due to esthetics.  


– Requires little or no maintenance 
– Long lasting and durable
– Additional security can be added with one foot barbed wire
– Black vinyl coated looks great if it has greenery in the background. 


– See through, not the best option for privacy 
– Regular galvanized looks unattractive 

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The cat is out of the bag!

Inline Fence, which has been serving residential and commercial customers in the Seattle-Tacoma area since 2016, is going through a rebrand!

Under this new name, residential customers will experience the same great service and quality installations that Inline Fence is known for.