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Vinyl Fence

A great long lasting alternative solution for privacy needs

A Vinyl Fence is a great long lasting alternative solution for privacy needs. It is a type of plastic fence made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The PVC resin is combined with special ingredients that give vinyl fences exceptional impact strength, durability and weatherability. This fence is also an easy-care alternative to wood or metal materials. For example, vinyl won’t warp, rot, split, blister or weather like a wood fence, or rust, chip, peel or corrode like aluminum. This Fence never needs sanding, staining or painting.

Vinyl Fence Cleaning

Vinyl is nonporous, so if your fence ever gets surface dirt or debris, just wash it away easily with a periodic spraying from a garden hose. Occasionally algae, mold, or mildew will start to grow on your plastic fence, especially if the fence sits near a sprinkler that keeps the area damp. But it’s typically not difficult to clean off this staining.

A plastic fence is also a safe choice for families and pet owners. Unlike wood fences, which are often treated with chemicals to protect the fence from weathering, vinyl is non-toxic. It doesn’t splinter and contains no nails or sharp edges that can harm children or animals. Plastic is also an environmentally friendly fence material, since it is fully recyclable and offers an eco-conscious alternative to the dwindling supply of trees harvested for wood fencing.

Privacy & Options

Also as there are no gaps between the pickets and tightly closed panels the fence provide exceptional privacy. With Cedar fences if you don’t stain the color fades away to natural gray color. With a Vinyl fence you never have to to stain. The fence also comes in several colors and styles, from short picket fences to tall privacy fences. We offer three color options – white, brown and beige with white being our most popular. 

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