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Hog Wire Fence (Hi Five)

The Hog Wire or the Hi Five Fence is a very clean and friendly way to enclose your property without compromising the view. The fence includes wired panels that are enclosed on all 4 sides by our clean cedar wood. This type of fence serves as both a barrier to keep your animals in while others out. It’s also a functional addition that enhances the appearance of your property. Hog wire fences are also very popular for: Gardens, woodsy areas, great open views and craftsman style architecture.

The fence originated for farm farm use to keep hogs and other animals in the pen. Therefore the wire panels are made sure to be rigid and sturdy and won’t bend over time. Panels are hot dipped galvanized so will survive the harshest conditions.

The fence also looks great in many varieties of landscapes. With all the above mentioned benefits of the fence it is especially becoming a favorite for the city dwellers. Please take a look at the beautiful Hog wire fences that we built and then fill out our free quote form so that you too can have one installed to meet your fence needs.

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The cat is out of the bag!

Inline Fence, which has been serving residential and commercial customers in the Seattle-Tacoma area since 2016, is going through a rebrand!

Under this new name, residential customers will experience the same great service and quality installations that Inline Fence is known for.