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***Inline Fence does not offer staining services***

Every proud owner asks the right question – Should I stain my fence?” Here are a few points to consider:

Stained Fence

Stained Fence


  • Staining will protect from weathering and minimizing discoloration, because cedar wood will quickly weather and start turning gray and will become fully weathered and gray in 3-4 years.
  • Will increase the visual appeal of your fence.
  • Limits the UV damage as the direct sunlight strips the color from your wooden fence, leaving it looking faded and old.

Weathered Fence after 3 years Weathered Fence after 3 years

Weathered Fence After 4 Years Weathered Fence After 4 Years


  • Stain regularly needs to be reapplied every 3 years.
  • Staining does not offer structural protection if you do not have the post on pipe option, as the biggest reason for fence longevity is the condition of the posts. If they contact the soil they will not last long.


About Stain

Stain is a whole different material then paint. As soon as you open the can, you’ll notice its thinness. Instead of sitting on top of the wood, stain changes the color by soaking in.

Manufacturers have increased their stain selection. Consumers can choose anything from clear to a hint of color to opaque. Unlike paint, stain won’t peel, crack or blister.


Stain is more watery and therefore can be used in a sprayer or applied using a brush. Paint is thicker and generally needs a brush or roller.

Whether you go for paint or stain, do cover all surroundings well. Stirring is usually vital, but not always, and do check out drying times vs. weather forecasts. For proper drying, only stain your fence when the temperature is at least 50 degrees and preferably not over 80 degrees and when rain is not predicted for at least two days. Extreme cold or moisture can prolong the drying time of wood stain, while the opposite extreme can dry out stain too quickly and leave behind unwanted lap marks on the fence.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. Read all warnings eg. danger to fish, water, plants etc. And wear gloves.

Please, please check out and make provisions for the other side of the fence ie. the neighbours’ side! Paint and stains will run through gaps in the fencing making a dripping mess on the side you don’t see. But your neighbours do.

When the entire fence has been stained, let it dry according to the stain manufacturer’s instructions. Apply additional coats of stain as needed to achieve the desired depth of color. A single coat should be sufficient for a new wood fence or one that you also plan to seal.

***Inline Fence does not offer staining services***

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